Silicone Finishes

Silicone finishes offered by Dryvit enables architects to add a splash of colour to their chosen system. These finishes can be applied in a variety of wall and floor environments and aim to help create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance. 

Why use a silicone finish? 

  • Hydrophobic: Improved dirt repellence and reduced algal growth
  • Extensive colour range: Decorative and visually pleasing
  • Vapour permeable: Allows vapour transmission

HDP Finishes 

HDP finishes are premixed silicone-based technology finishes which are offered in almost 500 standard colours and six standard textures: Quarzputz, Sandpebble, Sandpebble Fine, Sandblast, Lymestone and Freestyle. HDP finishes are hydrophobic; they repel water, resulting in less dirt pick up and a cleaner wall appearance.

HDP finishes are durable architectural finishes providing surface colour and texture for Dryvit systems. These finishes can also be applied over properly prepared substrates such as exterior masonry, stucco, precast or cast-in-place concrete and Dryvit’s External Wall Insulation (EWI) Systems. All finishes can be trowel or spray applied with a hopper gun or pole gun-type sprayer.