How Dryvit EWI Systems Can Help You Become More Energy Efficient

Ryan Gerrard / 03 March 2023

The UK has a large task at hand – to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, in response to the significant increase in CO2 emissions and domestic fuel consumption. However, a considerable proportion of UK homes do not have adequate insulation properties, placing a barrier in the way of achieving the Government’s target. Research puts this figure at an alarming 14 million, which results in an estimated 25% of the UK’s total carbon emissions being generated from domestic households. Now is the time to pull together and place strategic measures in place to reduce the nation’s carbon footprint.

How Can External Wall Insulation (EWI) Help?

You may have heard about External Wall Insulation, or EWI for short, but how does it work? Comprising of a continuous layer of insulation fixed adhesively and mechanically to the exterior of a building, the external wall insulation system is then coated with a decorative weatherproof render which can be finished in a wide array of textures and colours. This allows for freedom of design, enabling you to tailor the appearance of the structure to your own taste.

Over 8 million homes in the UK currently have solid walls, making EWI an extremely effective method of insulating your home or property. Even for buildings that contain cavities and are considered ‘hard to treat’, an EWI system is the ideal solution due to the technology’s high-performing properties. Placing the insulation on the outside of a structure helps to eliminate thermal bridges, thus reducing air, wind, and moisture penetration through the EWI system. Subsequently, this creates a stable environment for the interior of the building and minimises thermal shock. Additionally, it also reduces the risk of condensation and, therefore, the possibility of damp issues.

Adopting an EWI render system is also a very cost-effective way of insulating homes, enabling homeowners to save up to £475 per year on a property’s energy bills, which is a result of the superior levels of thermal efficiency that an exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS) provides. The lifespan of a building also benefits from EWI technology, as the building’s fabric is protected against the adverse effects of weathering.

What About EWI For Commercial and Public Buildings?

It’s not only domestic properties that can reap the benefits of EWI technology, public sector, and commercial buildings with high rates of energy consumption are also ideal candidates. External insulation will aid educational establishments, local authorities, and commercial businesses to lower their energy consumption rates and achieve their carbon management goals, whilst significantly limiting the risk of serious building fabric decay. 

Let’s Dryvit

As a member of the Tremco CPG UK family of brands, Dryvit is paving the way for the External Wall Insulation industry, having been at the forefront of EWI technology since 1969. Our commitment to energy efficiency means we are constantly developing innovative solutions to provide our customers with some of the most effective wall insulation that the market has to offer.

Tested in accordance with BS EN 13162 and BS EN 131363, our rigid adherence to the highest standards in manufacturing quality and consistency has made Dryvit a global leader in the EWI sector. With over 400 million m2 of Dryvit systems successfully installed globally on over half a million buildings, we have a level of expertise that will provide you with the comfort to know that your project is clad with superior products and systems.

Our stunning range of finishes provides a wide variety of choices for delivering the benefits of an EWI system, which emphasises the economical, cost-saving benefits without compromising on quality. Included in our range, you can achieve the look of reconstituted stone, brickwork or wood that will provide a durable and lightweight equivalent.

For more information about Dryvit’s EWI systems, please get in touch today to speak with a team member.