Anoopam Mission

Ryan Gerrard / 24 November 2022

Project Details

  • Client: Anoopam Mission
  • Products:
  • Location: Uxbridge
  • Year: 2020

Anoopam Mission – A place of tranquil within the bustling London Borough of Middlesex

Established in 1978, Anoopam Mission stands on 14 acres of land within the suburban town of Uxbridge. The home to religious figures and monks practicing their Hindu faith is one of many sanctuaries located around the world, however it is the only one based within the United Kingdom. The Anoopam Mission believes in serving God by serving humanity and working in areas of Health, Education, Relief, Rehabilitation, Social Welfare, Spiritual and Cultural activities.  

An important consideration for this project was the end aesthetics of the building. With the client wishing to match the features of an Indian Temple, careful consideration needed to be taken to ensure that the EWI system achieved a desired U-Value of 0.24 W/m2K, whilst also emulating the natural stone effect within a traditional place of worship.

The architect and client specified Dryvit’s Outsulation System combined with a Lymestone texture finish. The system was selected due to its long-term durability, energy efficiency requirements and the adaptability of the system for more complex projects such as this.

Utilising preformed insulation shapes, approved installer LB&F, worked to the specification provided by Dryvit to achieve a building of serenity for the members of Anoopam Mission.

As with any project, there were technical difficulties which needed to be overcome. The team of technical experts within Dryvit, worked closely with all parties involved to ensure that these didn’t impact the project delivery. Due to the large scale EWI features, new fixings were sourced by Dryvit for successful and safe installation, whilst our approved installers worked to ensure the depth of profile matched specification requirements on-site.

Area Sales Manager for Dryvit, Cayleigh Shanks commented, “This was a fascinating project to be involved in. Panning over a period of 10 months, because of Covid-19, I not only discovered more about what can be achieved with Dryvit Shapes, but I also uncovered an understanding of a different culture.”

“The building needed to reflect the internal atmosphere – quality workmanship and tranquility, this is why we partnered with LB&F who were well placed to achieve a high level of attention to detail within this installation.”

Outsulation enables existing buildings to meet the most stringent of energy efficiency requirements, and being a charitable organisation, cost efficiencies during and post installation was an important consideration.”

“Offering a Dryvit specialty finish, enabled the architect to replicate a real limestone finish at a fraction of the cost for the building owners.”

Dan Lear, Director of LB&F added, “The installation of EWI at Anoopam Mission was arguably one of the best projects the team at LB&F have been involved in. The architects pushed the boundaries of EWI systems and Dryvit’s Outsulation with specialist finish, lived up to the demanding requirements.”

“The Anoopam Mission project was one of the most technical, bespoke and detailed projects we have undertaken at LB&F in the thirteen years of trading. However, a combination of expertise, patience and attention to detail produced a fantastic finish.”

The community at Anoopam Mission, believe that life and where we live should reflect, “truth, love, devotion and compassion”. Our specialty finish encapsulates these practices and allows the outside world to have a glimpse of the tranquility that lies within.

By working collaboratively, Dryvit and LB&F, have been able to recognize the divine within EWI systems.