The Family Retreat, Calstock

Laura Smith / 16 December 2022

With a blend of contemporary design and carefully chosen construction products, this stunning five bed family home in the heart of Calstock is packed with interest and attention to detail. 

Noosa House is both spacious and well proportioned, with carefully thought-out designs inside and out. The home is faced with Dryvit’s Hybrid Sandpebble Fine Topcoat and has a stepped form into the hillside that adds depth and intrigue. Its idyllic and picturesque aesthetic hides any sense of testing journey it took to complete – which is now a distant memory for the current owners, who enjoy spending quality time with their family and friends in one of the most beautiful homes within the area.  

The Solution 

Intrigued by the potential of the BBA approved ICF 500 system offered by Tremco CPG UK and its leading brands Dryvit and Nudura, property owners, trusted CPG UK with the supply of their super-structure and render solutions.  

The ICF 500 Render System gathers thermal effectiveness of a Nudura ICF build and the durability of a Dryvit finishing material, to provide a permanent insulated formwork and render finish. The first and only third-party accredited ICF and Render only system available on the UK market – this project showcases the flexibility, resilience, and efficiency of this innovation.  

This render only system offered by Dryvit, provided property owners with the opportunity to reach their sustainability targets by maintaining the continuity of thermal insulation at junctions, whilst also enabling both an airtight and weathertight solution that blends into the views of Cornish countryside due to the chosen finish.  

ICF 500 has been designed to achieve a 30-year service life, offering this property longevity and a sense of security around energy efficiencies in a turbulent time.  

Cayleigh Shanks, Area Sales Manager for Dryvit commented, “Working on the Calstock project allowed us to highlight the flexibility of Dryvit Render Only Hybrid systems. Dryvit hybrid topcoat complements the EWI system selected, perfectly.” 

“Featuring both excellent mildew resistant properties, as well as increased flexibility due to its acrylic polymer binders, silicone, and silicate binders. This finish is decorative and visually pleasing due to the extensive colour range available.”  

Alongside providing high performance products, the team at Tremco CPG UK also helped the client with specifications, detailed drawings, technical service, application guidance and on-site support and training – to ensure a smooth installation process and a great finished result.