The Exterior Cladding Renovation Since 1969

There are tens of thousands of existing buildings in need of more than just exterior repairs and a face lift; many lack sufficient insulation and cost more to heat and cool than a building incorporating one of Dryvit’s external wall insulation systems.

That's why we offer ReVyvit by Dryvit: our industry leading renovation solution set. No matter the building type or the level of renovation required, we have a solution to make your building not only perform better and in a less costly way, but look better than it ever has before.

ReVyvit by Dryvit

Dryvit has been at the centre of the exterior cladding renovation business since 1969. Why? Because the ReVyvit by Dryvit renovation program offers a range of renovation solutions: from simply re-coating the existing exterior all the way to a complete removal and re-clad with one of our external wall insulation (EWI) systems, such as Roxsulation Pro, Outsulation® or Drysulation. Whether your building is EWI or not, we have the perfect renovation solution for you!