A re-found focus to improve the energy efficiencies of homes across the UK in 2023.

Laura Smith / 24 March 2023

2022 for many has been a year of “normality” after the turbulence of COVID-19 hit the world, however the UK economy has still been faced with unprecedented rises in energy and living costs.  

Recent hikes in the cost of living across the UK have brought a sharp focus to the importance of energy efficiencies for all households, and in a bid to reduce bills, tackle fuel poverty and support in the transition to net zero by 2050, the government have committed to supporting many funding schemes now available within Great Britain.  

Here at Dryvit, we are also committed to supporting the improvements of people's lives by offering industry leading external wall insulation (EWI) systems, which are independently tested and certified in accordance with British standards.  

Our systems are supported by an in-house technical team, who will be able to specify, detail and supply the most suitable system for your project, whilst maximising the benefit to homeowners and minimising disruption.   

There are various grants now available within Great Britain to support with the thermal upgrade of properties including;  

  • The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme – ECO4
  • Social Housing Decarbonisation fund (SHDF)  
  • Local Authority Delivery (LAD)  
  • Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland (HEEPS) 

Our team of experts within Dryvit, are here to help. They understand the schemes, the requirements and the systems required to successfully thermally upgrade properties across Great Britain. To speak with a member of the Dryvit team, please send us an email on hello@cpg-europe.com