Speciality Finishes

Dryvit’s range of finishes enable designers to achieve the look of granite, limestone, reconstituted stone, brickwork, wood or stone feature work. Providing a durable and lightweight equivalent to their natural alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Our speciality finishes complement the standard texture range that is also available within the UK. Offering a wide choice of colours with the option to match stone or brick where required. The speciality finishes further extend the versatility of Dryvit’s external insulation and anti-crack render systems and provide architects, specifiers and building owners with a highly adaptable method of achieving striking aesthetic results.

When our speciality finishes are combined with our range of external wall insulation systems they provide a thermally efficient cladding solution that is difficult to match in terms of performance when using more traditional cladding options.

Whether the project is new build or renovation Dryvit’s ‘speciality’ finishes offer high-performance characteristics that ensure a long-lasting radiant finish certain to enhance a building’s stature.