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Ameristone... rock solid and beautiful, provides the architect and designer with a new level of durability and performance in an elegant architectural stone finish. Ameristone is a dramatic blend of natural aggregates varying in size and colour, encased in a clear, 100% acrylic binder.


Ameristone is recommended for use with any of Dryvit’s exterior insulation and finish systems or ACR Systems. It can also be used as a finish over properly prepared render, concrete and masonry substrates. Ameristone is an exterior finish that is suitable for all building types.

Ameristone must not be used on exposed exterior horizontal surfaces. Minimum slope is 6 in 12, which is 27°. Maximum length of slope is 300mm. Ameristone shall be applied at a minimum thickness of 3.2 mm, but not greater than 4.8mm. Ameristone shall not be used below grade. Minor colour deviation will occur due to the natural aggregate and variations in raw materials. It is strongly recommended that when ordering this finish for a particular project, all pails required to complete that project be ordered at the same time. To achieve the best colour results, material from the same batch number should be applied to a specific wall section. Therefore, check batch numbers before applying materials. Spray technique can also affect final colour. Orifice size, pressure, application thickness and the distance of the spray gun from the substrate should remain constant in order to achieve uniform appearance. A minimum 2.5 m x 2.5 m area of actual project or mock-up wall shall be coated by the applicator/contractor with the Ameristone finish to establish acceptance by the owner, architect or project manager. Ameristone is not intended for direct-applied, vertical applications over exterior gypsum based sheathing, foam plastic insulation or other type insulation board.

For information on handling the product, storage and disposal refer to the current safety data sheet (SDS) available at

  • Good dirt repellence and reduced algal growth
  • Decorative and visually pleasing
  • Vapour Permeable - Allows vapour transmission
  • Acrylic based finish
  • Wide colour range of natural aggregates
Ameristone Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
Ameristone Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
TerraNeo and Ameristone Promotional Sheet (en-GB).pdf Flyer