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The Custom Brick system is used to reproduce the look of conventional brick and is built up in two layers using a masking template to form the bricks and mortar joints. Dryvit base coats are used as the “mortar coat”, Genesis/Genesis DM Plus/Primus M/Firbercoat overcoated with tinted Demandit Smooth to create the desired colour of “mortar”. When dry the chosen self adhesive brick template is fixed to the “mortar” surface and the Dryvit Custom Brick or selected finish applied to create the “bricks”. The brick surface can be applied using a variety of techniques to achieve the desired finished texture or effect. Demandit Smooth can additionally be used to add a versatile range of shadings and colour highlights that simulate the appearance of weathered brick and stone. Once the finish is sufficiently stable, the template is removed to reveal the “mortar” joints between the “bricks”.


Custom Brick Finish System is for use on vertical wall surfaces and consists of patented templates, over Dryvit External Wall Insulation (EWI) Systems, Nudura ICF or Anti-Crack Render Systems. Custom Brick offers a wide array of colours, textures and shading techniques to match virtually any existing conventional brick colour and texture.

Refer to Application Instructions and the Product Safety Data Sheet.

  • Acrylic based - Lighter weight than conventional brick
  • Extensive colour/texture range - Greater design flexibility
  • Can be used as part of an EWI System - Increased energy saving over conventional brick
  • Versatile - Many texture and colour options
Custom Brick Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
Custom Brick Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
Custom Brick Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
Custom Brick Promotional Sheet (en-GB).pdf Flyer