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Dryvit Stucco Build is a cementitious polymer modified re-profiling and leveling mortar conforming to BS EN 13914-1, requiring only the addition of clean water. The product has been formulated to have excellent workability and open time properties.


Stucco Build is primarily used as a re-profiling mortar on uneven substrates. Generally used as an optional component with the Dryvit Anti-Crack Render (ACR) Systems where brick/block or concrete substrates have to be levelled prior to the application of the selected Dryvit acrylic finish. Stucco Build can be applied between 6-12 mm in one application. It is used in conjunction with Dryvit Primax used for priming and curing and AC-100 when a key coat is required as part of a Dryvit ACR Systems.

Refer to the ACR System Application Instructions and the product Safety Data Sheets

  • One coat application Fast application rate
  • Silicone polymer modified Surface exhibits water repellency
  • Factory produced quality controlled Consistent workability
  • Through coloured Self finishing
Stucco Build Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS
Stucco Build Safety Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf Safety Data Sheets
Stucco Build Technical Data Sheet (en-GB).pdf TDS