Dryvit UK External Wall Insulation Showcases Sustainability Credentials

Laura Smith / 19 December 2022

Dryvit UK has curated technical information, tools, resources and other key data here to help share information and inform users of the key environmental factors behind the brand’s high performance, insulated external wall insulation and render systems.

Setting the pace in the industry, Dryvit UK’s systems blend exceptional aesthetics with outstanding performance.

Comprising of an insulation core and outer weather-proof layers, they are designed to help buildings stay warm in winter and cool in summer and offer the perfect fit for the unique demands of modern methods of construction.

Their installation improves the interior comfort of a building and reduces heat loss by up to 40 per cent, delivering significant sustainability and cost savings.

Dryvit UK Market Manager, Laura Smith, said: “Our systems have been used on over 350,000 commercial and residential buildings across the UK and around the world.

“This depth of experience means we are well-placed to support architects and specifiers looking to understand more about the systems and to understand how they can support their projects. 

“The new website highlights the insulating qualities of Dryvit UK’s systems and how they offer an excellent source of energy-efficiency, eliminating cold bridging by insulating the outer layer of a building.

“They also assist considerably in meeting, and often exceeding, energy-related building regulations and with the use of efficient modern materials and installation methods, both in-situ and prefabricated offsite, have continually proven to be a cost-effective build solution.”

Dryvit UK’s systems are also engineered to cope with challenging wind loads, to comply with fire safety standards and to offer resistance to moisture and weather conditions.

Their performance is independently tested and certified and comes with the reassurance of warranties, to ensure peace of mind in the specification process.

Careful attention has also been paid to their look and feel, to offer architects and specifiers a wide degree of design freedom.

This includes a variety of colours and a choice of stunning finishes, including stone, Tuscan glaze, granite, brick and concrete - and with the system’s applied to the exterior envelope, Dryvit also offers significant improvements to a building, without encroaching on valuable interior room space.

Find out more about Dryvit UK here.