Evolution to a Bold New Dryvit

Ryan Gerrard / 19 December 2022

Share Since 1969 our unique penguin logo has been the ubiquitous face of external wall insulation (EWI), first bringing the concept of insulation on the outside of the building to North America and eventually cementing Outsulation® as a vital and accepted component of the built environment worldwide.

Dryvit is very excited to present the new look and feel of Dryvit. Above is Dryvit’s brand new logo. Our old logo served us well for more than 45 years, but market conditions, building regulation requirements and decades of proven success have combined to create a new Dryvit - a Dryvit that is more efficient, more responsive and better equipped to drive innovation in cladding solutions than at any time in its history. Once regarded primarily as a specialised product known for its unique energy efficiency benefits, Dryvit has evolved into a mainstream construction solution, offering systems and products for every building type and construction challenge.

The new Dryvit:

  • Is closer to its customers
  • Offers solutions for new construction, renovation and modular prefabrication
  • Is a global leader in sustainable building solutions
  • Is committed to excellence in manufacturing, adhering to the highest standards and our operational priorities of safety, quality, service, cost.

Our new logo:

  • Retains the core brand equities that have catapulted Dryvit to the top of the EWI brand category, but also demonstrates the expansion of Dryvit’s applicability outside of the traditional EWI category – Dryvit is a solution for ALL building types.
  • Is a reflection of the reality that this is not your father’s Dryvit – that this is a company committed to being a more contemporary player in the construction industry.
  • Creates energy and a renewed sense of purpose that aligns with new, innovative initiatives that Dryvit has introduced to the market
  • Is sleeker and more modern

In short, we have re-branded the company because it was time to meaningfully demonstrate that Dryvit is a new, invigorated and vibrant company never before better equipped to provide quality cladding solutions to every building type. We are relevant and contemporary, and we’re going to be pushing the building envelope in ways none of us thought possible.

Watch logo transformation.