New Restrictions on Diisocyanate Products – We’ve Got You Covered

Laura Smith / 21 August 2023

Polyurethane (PU) products are known to be versatile, innovative and safe – whilst they are used in a variety of applications in construction, packaging, automotive industry and many more – these products are made by reacting diisocyanates and polyols.

On the 4th August 2020, a new restriction on diisocyanates was published in the Official Journal of the European Union. This regulation targets respiratory and dermal sensitisation potentially caused by diisocyanates and now states that users require training prior to use, regardless of any previous experience or other training.

What does this new restriction mean?

Affected products were already required to carry a phrase on the label when placed on the market per 24 February 2022, indicating the requirements for training. The wording on all packaging is  visibly distinct from the rest of the label:

Diisocyanate training

In order to ensure that the recipient is provided with the training material, a URL link to further information is provided alongside a QR code.

Diisocyanate training

How do I access the training?

To ensure that professionals can continue to handle diisocyanates safety, the training must be completed and documented. If you do not comply with the mandatory training, you will no longer be allowed to work with diisocyanates. Training is available in your local language and can be accessed on the “Safe Use of Diiscoynates” website.

Please ensure that you read about the training requirements and understand how they apply to you.