Women in Construction

Ryan Gerrard / 19 December 2022

Tremco Construction Products Group UK is marking International Women’s Day with a digital campaign to showcase the achievements of women across the business and raise awareness of the significant roles they play within the construction industry.

Women behind the Tremco CPG UK brands, which include Dryvit, Flowcrete, illbruck, Nudura, Nullifire and TREMCO, are being featured across the company’s social media channels for the month of March.

The campaign will provide an insight into working within construction and how the women across the organisation support the market with industry leading products, technologies, and services.

Talking to women in various roles across the business from specification and on-site support to marketing, production and customer services, it will look at the drivers and key motivators of women who work within construction.

Tremco CPG UK offers solutions for all six sides of the building envelope, covering external wall insulation, flooring, sealing and bonding as well as passive fire protection solutions. Whilst the company has built their leading brands over multiple decades within specialised fields – women have always played an important role in the growth of this business and the offering of services and support for the brands.

Laura Smith, Senior Market Manager at Tremco CPG UK commented, “When we look back as a business, we cannot forget those who are no longer with us, such as Dr Dawn Gibbins MBE, the co-founder of the Flowcrete brand, and the impact these inspiring women have played within the industry and setting the foundations for women in construction.

“Dawn was instrumental in commercial and industrial resin flooring solutions, as the founder of Flowcrete. Being a woman in business in the early 1980s must have certainly presented its challenges. However, her apparent unwavering determination led her to leave the great legacy behind her that we know today.

“With women making up around 14% of construction professionals, the gender gap is still prevalent in this industry within the UK, however, as shown by the employees of Tremco CPG UK, misconceptions about gender specific roles are gradually diminishing with a growing number of women choosing a career in construction.

“It’s inspiring to see women across the business playing a key role in driving forward innovation and sustainability for our customers.

“We hope the campaign will bring that work-to-life and, most importantly, help encourage women to consider a career in construction.”

Another woman featured in the Tremco CPG UK campaign is Lin Turner, who is an Area Sales Manager for Nullifire.

Offering universally renowned passive fire protection solutions across the UK and Ireland, Nullifire is recognised for meeting demanding standards to play a critical role in passive fire protection. Lin said: “Diversity and inclusion are becoming more and more prevalent in the industry, and Tremco CPG UK is no exception to facilitating this.

“Tremco CPG does not only invest in their manufacturing facilities or enhanced customer service, most importantly they invest in their people.

“Our company is paving the way for the construction industry, and our corporate values go hand-in-hand with International Women’s Day.”

“I have been in the construction industry for over 25 years now, 11 of those which have been here.

“Construction is an exciting and challenging environment to be in and it is so rewarding to see more women coming through into roles within the industry. 

“This shows to me an increase of confidence from women in general to work alongside their male colleagues as an equal where it has predominantly been male driven before and may have been a daunting career path to choose.”

Victoria Langley, Area Sales Manager for TREMCO, which offers compatible DPMs, adhesives and smoothing compounds, is also featured in the Tremco CPG UK campaign.

Victoria said: “Women operate across the company, enabling Tremco CPG UK to achieve its goals in their different roles and capacities.

“International Women’s Day provides a great opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the achievements, look back on the successes achieved and look to the future.”

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