Hybrid Finishes

Hybrid finishes from Dryvit compliment a number of our External Wall Insulation (EWI) and Anti-Crack Render Systems perfectly.  

Why use hybrid systems? 

  • 100% acrylic polymer binders: Increased flexibility
  • Silicone binders: Allows vapour transmission
  • Silicate binders: Excellent mildew resistant properties
  • Extensive colour range: Decorative and visually pleasing

Hybrid finishes are based on acrylic silicone and silicate binders. They are available in almost 500 standard colours and in seven standard textures: Quarzputz Fine, Lymestone, Sandblast, Sandpebble Fine, Sandpebble, Sandpebble 2 and Freestyle.

Hybrid finishes can be applied over properly prepared substrates such as the Roxsulation Pro System and Anti Crack Render (ACR) Systems.