Drvyit ACR 150 Spotlight

Ryan Gerrard / 10 November 2023


You are probably already aware of Dryvit’s array of leading External Wall Insulation (EWI) solutions, but have you explored our series of Anti-Crack Render Only (ACR) systems?

Designed to outperform the shrinkage and cracking characteristics of traditional renders, Dryvit UK has engineered its range of ACR systems, which are comprised of 100% acrylic polymer. As experts in the field, this product range offers an abundance of colours and textured coating options, providing various levels of protection when used in different component combinations.

Dryvit ACR systems are generally installed over a Dryvit polymer modified re-profiling mortar where levelling is required, onto exterior concrete, brickwork, blockwork, plastered or painted surfaces in new build or refurbishment projects. These systems often complement Dryvit’s range of EWI solutions, which have had a market-leading presence in the industry since 1969.

Let’s take a closer look at Dryvit’s ACR 150 system below.

Dryvit ACR 150

Dryvit ACR 150 is a crack-resistant system with a single component, pre-bagged polymer modified render Dryvit Stucco Build, incorporating an alkali resistant glass fibre reinforcement to increase the flexural strength and impact resistance. Once the levelling mortar and base coat with reinforcing mesh has been installed, the system is primed with a selection of Dryvit primers, including Primax and Color Prime, prior to the installation of the finish.

Compatible with a variety of Dryvit standard and speciality finishes, from acrylic and silicone finishes to stone and brick effect, ACR 150 is installed by expert contractors who have been specially trained in the use of Dryvit materials. Lastly, Demandit Smooth, which is available in almost 500 standard colours, is used as a durable coating to both protect and decorate the finished system.

Dryvit systems are formulated to provide the utmost in weather protection, providing a resilient barrier against wind and water. The combination of system components provides unsurpassed long-term durability meeting design requirements for use in virtually any location. The components of ACR 150 work in harmony with one another to achieve an aesthetically pleasing yet durable render finish on the structure’s exterior.

Key Benefits of ACR 150

  • Location and frequency of movement joints is greatly reduced or even eliminated compared with that of traditional renders due to the high-performance crack resistance of Dryvit systems.
  • Dryvit finishes are available in a wide array of textures in both standard and custom colours. Our speciality finishes enable designers to replicate a variety of real stone or brick finishes from limestone to granite at a fraction of the cost.
  • Dryvit manufacturing plants are ISO 9001 certified, demonstrating the highest standards of quality and consistency.

Why Dryvit?

As a member of the Tremco CPG UK family of brands, Dryvit has become the trusted choice for architects, specifiers, contractors, and building owners alike. Through many decades of product development and innovation, Dryvit has a deep understanding of the importance of energy efficiency, building compliance and a high-quality finish. Our solutions offer superior economical and cost-saving benefits, that do not compromise quality.

Tested in accordance with BS EN 13162 and BS EN 131363, Dryvit is renowned for its rigid adherence to the highest standards in manufacturing quality and consistency. This has subsequently made Dryvit a global leader in the industry, with over 400 million m2 of Dryvit systems successfully installed around the world, on over half a million buildings. Our dedicated team has a level of expertise that will provide you with the comfort to know that your project is clad with superior products and systems.

For more information about Dryvit’s range of solutions, please contact us and a member of the team will be in touch.